Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Rest of 2022

These are some of the concerts we've attended that didn't quite make it to our Best of the Year's list, but that we feel should still be mentioned, as they were also fantastic. These lists are hard and not very fair.  We've left some very worthy concerts off of this list as well, but that's the deal when making a selection: it can be heartbreaking. After all, we can feel one way about a show the minute it's ended and feel differently the following week... Nothing is really definitive, and everything is subjective.

Again, these are presented in no particular order whatsoever. Click on the titles or on the photos to access the full gallery.

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Alter Bridge, Halestorm & Mammoth WVH @ Palais des Sports

A lethal bill comprised of some of the biggest names in modern hard rock: Alter Bridge, Halestorm and Mammoth WVH

Bryan Adams played a kick-ass set full of hits and classics at the Palais des Sports on a cold December night. Two hours of killer songs and pure magic.

This was our first time seeing Genesis, and also our last time as they came to Paris on their farewell tour. An emotional night for the band and the fans.

An exquisite, emotional set by the South-African singer/songwriter.

The Bermudian singer/songwriter mesmerized the Alhambra with her acoustic solo show last October in support of her new covers album Other Shores.

The Power Metal heroes, now a septet, played a great show full of Metal classics at the Olympia at the start of September.

90 minutes of the best songs in Folk, sung by an eternally youthful Taylor and his ace band, featuring superstar drummer Steve Gadd.

Deafeningly loud and definitely fun, the alternative rock veterans crushed it in a packed club full of sweaty fans.

Now just a vehicle for vocalist/flautist Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull revisited their "Prog Years" at the Olympia with classics like Aqualung or Too Old To Rock N'Roll.

Sublime concert by the Neo-Prog superstars who played their wonderful new album in full as well as some selections from their previous records.

American Metal band Mastodon played a killer, heavy, psychedelic set in support of their new album Hushed And Grim last June.

Nick Mason assembled a top notch band to play faithful renditions of early Floyd material, including a majestic version of Echoes.

Always good to see the Chubster and listen to his fat, meaty blooze rock.

That's right, I went to see Richard Marx and I enjoyed it immensely. 16 year-old me would probably kick 44 year-old me's ass for that, but I regret nothing,

Biff Byford and the lads finally returned to Paris. Few things in life are as reliable as a Saxon show: you know you're in for a nice, thick slice of Metal.

Great show by these Veterans of the Psychic Wars who once again set the city on flame with their Rock n' Roll.

Funk supergroup Scary Goldings, feat. the duo Scary Pockets, organist Larry Goldings, bassist MonoNeon and legendary Jazz guitarist John Scoield raised the roof at the La Villette Jazz Festival in September.

Even though we feel that Johnny Depp's presence didn't add anything to the concert, and actually distracted from the music, it's always an event to see Jeff Beck. At 78, the man is still at the avant-garde of instrumental guitar music.

I'm usually not a fan of instrumental rock guitarists whose first names aren't Jeff and whose last name don't rhyme with Ben Affleck, but Steve Vai is different. Maybe it's the Zappa thing, but his compositions are more than just fretboard masturbation and they can appeal to everyone, even the non-muso types. An excellent show of jaw-dropping musicality.

If you're too young to have seen the Allman Brothers in their heyday, Creedence Clearwater Revival or Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Sheepdogs are the next best thing. Unfortunately, lead guitarist Jimmy Bowskill left the band shortly after this concert.

An epic three-hour set by the Progressive supergroup at the Olympia, which will be released in DVD/Blu-Ray next February, so we can relive the moment over and over. The band has hinted at the probability that this might be their last-ever sho, so that is one more reason to treasure the memory.

Very cool set by French Hard Rock legends Trust who played a mix of songs old and new, including the highlight of the evening Ton Dernier Acte.

Uriah Heep is a legendary band with a wonderful catalog of songs, and they were in Paris on their 50 years anniversary tour. Always a good time with these guys.

English Shoegaze legends Ride capped our concert year with a great set focused on their killer debut album Nowhere.

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