Monday, December 19, 2022

The Best of 2022

It looks like we've covered our last concert of 2022. What a fantastic year it's been! Legends, veterans, and newcomers... Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Blues or Funk... They are presented to you in no particular order: it was hard enough having to pick out five out of the nearly fifty we've attended. Click on the artist name to access the full gallery.

The Tedeschi Trucks Band

These guys are just the best. Every gig they play is different. We were only able to attend the last out of their three Paris shows but it was, as usual, a very emotional experience. Rock, Soul, Blues, Jazz... They can play it all, and they do play it all.

The Black Crowes

We were finally able to see this iconic rock n' roll band on their twice-postponed reunion trek playing their debut album in full and in sequence. Awesome stuff.

The Rolling Stones

Every time the Stones roll through town, it's an event. Of course, this was the first time that they played here since the death of beloved drummer Charlie Watts, and this only added another layer of emotion to the whole thing. They truly are the world's greatest rock n' roll band!

Drive-By Truckers

Drive-By Truckers finally made their French debut and they delivered the goods during a sweaty, epic gig that was a celebration of all things rock n' roll.

The Cure

A legendary band that we've enjoyed for decades, but somehow had never seen live until last November and they didn't disappoint: nearly three hours of music including all the hits and classics, deep cuts and new songs from a forthcoming album.

And because it would be unfair to narrow the whole year down to just those five, here are the runner-ups:


In all fairness, the Sparks gig at the Casino de Paris could have been in the top five, but we've decided to demote them in favor of some bands we hadn't seen before. Attending a Sparks show is always a delight and this was no exception. 

Israel Nash

A great set by the Missouri-born songwriter, toeing the line between Americana and pure Rock N' Roll. Very reminiscent of Neil Young, in all the right ways.

The Scots played a career-spanning set in front of an audience that went wild from the very first song and never let down from there, dancing and singing along to every anthem. Truly an example of a crowd becoming part of the band.

Stay tuned for The Worst of 2022!

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