Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Concert Season Recap pt. 3

This is the last part of our concert season recap series. Check out part one HERE and part two HERE.

It's been quite a great season, and not just in contrast with the drought of the preceding year an a half. Seeing legendary bands and artists like Iron Maiden, Jeff Beck and The Rolling Stones within weeks of each other is pretty exceptional. And it's always a pleasure to see old favorites like Popa Chubby, Sparks, A-Ha or the Sheepdogs. And there are quite a few artists that we've seen live for the first time like Mastodon, Drive-By Truckers, Steve Vai... Classics like Genesis, Steve Hackett, Simple Minds or future superstars like Ayron Jones. 2021/22 was a great return to live music.

And the upcoming season is already looking pretty good with concerts from amazing artists in every genre. Check them out and get your tickets HERE.

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The Neal Morse Band featuring superstar drummer Mike Portnoy played a fantastic show at the Trianon last June on the Parisian stop of their "An Evening of Innocence and Danger" tour.

Mastodon played a crushing set at the venerable Salle Pleyel in June in support of their new album Hushed And Grim.

This was our first time seeing guitar virtuoso Steve Vai in concert and it did not disappoint: his mastery of the instrument is simply jaw-dropping.

Americana singer/songwriter Israel Nash rocked the small Parisian club la Maroquinerie on what was probably our busiest week of the year concert-wise!

The Alt-Southern Rock band finally mades their French debut at la Maroquinerie and it was simply one of the best concerts we've ever attended. Hopefully it won't take another 25 years for them to return...

These guys just keep getting better with each release and their shows are always a good time. This one was no exception.

You can't really go wrong with Nick Mason and his top band playing the early repertoire of Pink Floyd. And amazing show all around, if just for the performance of Echoes.

Iron Maiden returned to Paris on the same tour that they had started when we last saw them four years ago. The addition of three new songs from their new album was welcome change of pace. Probably the best Heavy Metal band to see live these days. 

OC OGs SD played a great set despite singer Mike Ness' vocal issues, playing songs from their entire catalogue for their fans.

We'd already seen Popa Chubby at the Olympia last October, but what can we say? We can't get enough of the chubster. Another great show by an artist that never disappoints.

This year's biggest event and one of the best shows ever. The Rolling Stones truly are the world's greatest rock n' roll band. Of course, this was a bittersweet affair since Charlie Watts is no longer with us... But the Stones keep rolling.

Jeff Beck returned to the Olympia four years after his last Paris concert, and he brought a special guest with him: actor Johnny Depp, with whom he recorded an album that was just released the week before.

Less than two months after Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy played the Trianon, they returned to Paris with Prog-Rock supergroup Transatlantic for an epic set which was filmed for an upcoming Blu-Ray release.

And we ended this concert season with a roar (or with a growl, really) with the brutal, technical Death Metal of the mighty Suffocation, which, despite being a very good show, was also notable for having the poorest lighting conditions I've ever encountered...

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