Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Israel Nash @ la Maroquinerie, Paris - June 14th, 2022

Not only was Israel Nash's Paris date one of this year's best best concerts, it was also one of the best we've attended, ever. And we've been to quite a few... 

Sounding like a cross between Neil Young & Crazy Horse, early Wilco and the Jayhawks, Israel Nash and his band are a concentrate of all the best music America has to offer: Rock, Folk, Country, Blues, Psychedelia...

They played quite a few songs from his lates album Topaz, but there were also plenty of selections from his earlier albums including Through the Door, Baltimore, Rexanimarum and Rain Plains, fantastic songs that will no doubt one day be held in the same regard as The River or Cortez the Killer.

A mesmerizing, tantalizing set full of light and shade and top-notch musicianship thanks to the fiery fretwork of guitarist Curtis Roush and lap steel guitarist Eric Swanson and the rhythm section comprised of bassist Jackie O'Brien and drummer Ed Jarusinsky. Nash's vocals are full of soul and passion and they blend with his bandmates in heavenly harmonies.

This is what it means to "bring down the house".

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