Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Suffocation @ Backstage By The Mill, Paris - August 2nd, 2022

Fancy a little brutality on this hot summer day? O'Sullivan's Backstage By The Mill was the place to be. Suffocation literally annihilated the Paris red light district venue with their savage musical assault on the senses and their brand of old school Death Metal.
They played quite a few numbers from records such as Effigy of the Forgotten, Human Waste and Breeding the Spawn which have quite rightfully become classics of the genre. Ricky Myers is an absolute beast on vocals, more than aptly carrying the torch of their original singer Frank Mullen. Terrence Hobbs, who has single-handedly kept the band alive through all of its permutations, remains one of the more unique guitarists in the genre.

All in all a great show of brutal, technical Death Metal. However, there was one big problem: the lights. Or lack thereof. It was almost impossible to see the guys on stage, and it was absolutely impossible to take any decent photo.

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