Friday, December 30, 2022

Friday's Playlist: Concerts of 2022

As we're about to wrap up this year, we're bringing back our Friday's Playlist for one more installment. In this one, we look back at all the concerts that we've attended in 2022, including some of the most memorable opening acts. It was a truly memorable year for live music, especially in contrast to the previous years which were plagued by lockdowns, cancellations and postponements.

Because it mirrors the chronology of our concerts of 2022, the setlist takes some sharp turns, between Classic Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, Death Metal, or Funk. It's not always a smooth transition, but for some reason it works.

Check out our recap of the best concerts of 2022 HERE and all the other great shows which we couldn't fit in our top five HERE.

Enjoy, comment and share!

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