Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year in Black & White

Another year bites the dust. 2021 finally comes to an end. And just as things were looking up, guess who decided to mutate and unleash his Omicron variant upon the world? Fucking COVID. I guess the world will be shutting down again. Most concerts we were looking forward to are already being postponed or even outright cancelled. We did manage to squeeze in a few decent gigs in the short time when things were somewhat safe, this is what we're celebrating in this post.

We chose some of our favorite shots from this past year. Our self-imposed constraint was that they all had to be black and white. Obviously, in this digital age, they were taken in color then turned into black and white during the editing process. Our other constraint was they all had to be in horizontal aspect. So enjoy, comment and share these pictures from the brief moment when it looked like life was returning to normal.

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