Monday, April 1, 2024

Paris Jackson's biological father confirmed!

UPDATE: This was very obviously an April's Fool hoax. I think most everyone understood that... except for the ones that sent me hate mail, insults and death threats. Isn't the internet a wonderful place?

Ever since Michael Jackson's children were born, they have been the subject of intense scrutiny and rumors as to who actually sired them have been rampant. The late King of Pop was always adamant that he was the real, biological father of his children with Debbie Rowe, but that was never enough to silence the gossip rags and celebrity blogs... So in order to put those rumors to rest once and for all, Paris Jackson, also a successful musician in her own right, has agreed to a DNA test which she took last August. However, the results of said test have remained a secret until now. Finally, we now know the real father of Paris and Blanket, and...

... his name is Prince. This might come as a shock to those of us who remember the Prince vs. Michael rivalry from the 1980's, yet it's a very heart warming tale of a pop star helping another pop star procreate. Now, was Paris created in vitro, or did the Purple One actually have to perform a sexual act in order to sire the model/musician? We all know how insatiable Prince was. This is a question for Debbie Rowe.

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