Saturday, April 27, 2024

Fishbone drama

It sounds like this was brewing for quite a while, but this news item has blindsided the Fishbone fandom: Norwood Fisher, "Dirty" Walt Kibby and John Steward have apparently been dismissed from the band... 

Details are still unclear, but a couple of days ago the Fishbone social media pages gave a little hint of the shakeup that was to come. Since the split transpired, Fisher has posted a scan of the correspondance  between his legal counsel and Angelo Moore's (and Fishbone)... I think we can expect things to get real messy real fast; with lawsuits for the use of the name, who will remain as partner, who will head the corporate office, and of course money... it all boils down to money.

The movie Everyday Sunshine: the Story of Fishbone that Fisher references in his post is a great watch, and gives a little insight into the power struggles at play. If interested, you can buy it on Apple TV by clicking HERE.

It's a shame that it has come to this: Norwood has been in the band since its inception, and save for a few years in the 2000's, Kibby was also one of the mainstays of Fishbone.

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