Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Epica @ Stade de France, Saint-Denis - May 17th, 2023


Dutch Symphonic Metal band Epica replaced Five Finger Death Punch who was originally slotted to open the show but had to pull out due to their frontman's, erm, back problems. Their new album The Alchemy Project was released back in November.

The band fared slightly better than the band that preceded them, but still suffered from having to occupy such a gigantic stage. Their brand of cinematic, bombastic, gothic Metal also loses some of its impact in daylight. But, such is the price for opening for Metallica and all of the exposure that may derive.

Given these constraints, their 9-song set was pretty well received, and they do have a significant following here in France. They are a great band and seeing them play in front of that many people was very cool.

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