Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday's Playlist: Jeff Beck - Sessions & Contributions

In honour of the great Jeff Beck's birthday, we've scrambled our routine and moved our weekly playlist from Friday to Monday. We've concocted this little playlist of some of the master guitarist's best sessions and contributions to other people's music. From his legendary solo on Tina Turner's Private Dancer (produced by Mark Knopfler!) to more obscure interventions like the one on Malcolm McLaren's House of the Blue Danube (featuring Bootsy!), this is a small sample of the man's talents. Jazz-rock fusion, Blues-rock, proto-Metal, not only can the man do it all, he's probably invented most of it! Now in his mid-seventies, he still has the best touch, the best phrasing, the best tone and he keeps moving forward and discovering new avenues for his music and his playing. Happy Birthday Jeff Beck, and many returns of the day!

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