Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The new Judas Priest video is here!

Unleashing the unbridled fury of their sonic arsenal, the iconic British juggernauts of heavy metal, JUDAS PRIEST, have birthed a masterpiece with their latest offering, "Trial By Fire" – a blistering anthem that ignites the very essence of the genre. The accompanying official music video is a visual feast that plunges the audience into the molten heart of the band's relentless artistry. Brace yourselves for a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and heralds a new era in metal supremacy.

Prepare to be baptized in the inferno of metal majesty, as this aural titan gears up to unleash its impending studio opus, the mighty "Invincible Shield." Mark the date – March 8, 2024 – on your calendars, for on that day, Sony Music will unleash the sonic tempest that is "Invincible Shield" upon the world. This magnum opus promises to be a testament to the enduring legacy of JUDAS PRIEST, forged in the crucible of timeless metal.

But fear not, for the metal gods have bestowed upon us a harbinger of the impending storm in the form of "Panic Attack," the LP's inaugural single. Available for streaming below, it serves as a sonic prelude, a taste of the auditory onslaught that awaits. Brace yourselves, metalheads, for JUDAS PRIEST is back with an Invincible Shield, and the realms of heavy metal shall tremble in its wake.

Check out the video in the embedded YouTube player below

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