Friday, October 20, 2023

This Film Should Be Played Loud! - Pt. 2

Welcome to the second installment of This Film Should Be Played Loud! Once again, we present five concert films to rock your socks off, in no particular order and for no particular reason, other than we love them and want to share them. You're welcome!

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This is a wonderful show captured in 2006 in celebration of The Heartbreakers thirty years as a band, with an astounding string of hits and classics. Stevie Nicks guests on a few numbers, including an absolutely enchanting arrangement of Learning To Fly.

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Filmed over four nights during their 1972 tour in support of Exile On Main Street, this film captures The Rolling Stones at the height of their power. This is the epitome of rock n' roll, plain and simple. It had barely been seen since its release in 1974, and was only available on bootleg copies of dubious quality until this 2017 official release. It's not only the best Rolling Stones film, it's also one of the best concert films ever released.

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A Paranormal Evening was captured live at the Paris Olympia in 2017 and features all of the hits and classics performed by his current top-notch band. It's probably the best presentation out there if you want to see what an Alice Cooper show is all about these days. Among the highlights is an epic version of the quasi-Prog number Halo Of Flies. And, as an added bonus, we were at that show!

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This is probably Mingus' best line-up, featuring Dannie Richmond on drums, Jake Byard on piano and Eric Dolphy on alto. There are actually three concerts in this movie, with roughly the same setlists but it is essential viewing for fans of Mingus, jazz and music in general. The musicianship is mind-blowing, and the compositions are among the richest in contemporary music.

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There are several great Jimi Hendrix concert movies, from his legendary set at Woodstock to the phenomenal Band Of Gypsys, so it was hard to single one out. This one might be our favorite, even though it is very controversial among fans. The band members themselves were unhappy with the performance, and Jimi's guitar sounds different than usual. Well, we love it regardless. Make up your own mind by watching it HERE.

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