Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Winery Dogs @ Bataclan, Paris - October 10th, 2023

The Winery Dogs' performance at the Bataclan was a non-stop festival of musical fireworks. Hitting the ground running with the frantic groove of "Gaslight", reminiscent of prime Van Halen, they played a high octane show during which they performed songs from all three of their records.

The playing was obviously incredibly dexterous as all three musicians are virtuosos on their respective instrument, but this wasn't merely a shred-fest. Songs like "Time Machine" or "Hot Streak" are as solid a hard rock tune as you would expect from such seasoned veterans: the jaw-dropping solos are just the icing on top. And they don't just flex their chops on their instruments: all three are fantastic vocalists, and some of the strongest moments were when all three would harmonize on a chorus.

Considering their individual pedigrees, The Winery Dogs' performance was a culmination of decades of musical excellence. They not only lived up to their legacy but also carved out a unique space in rock by taking the power trio format and making it relevant in 2023.

Extra special thanks to bass player extraordinaire Billy Sheehan for hooking us up with the photo pass!

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