Monday, September 11, 2023

Ags Connolly @ Café de la Danse, Paris - September 11th, 2023

Songwriter Ags Connolly's played his first French concert before Charley Crockett's triumphant headlining set. His deferent yet personal take on country music was a perfect for an audience which was a mix of American expats and local Country music aficionados. Traditional Country & Western, honky-tonk, ballads... Connolly plays it all with heart and humor. But the twist here is that Ags Connolly hails from Oxfordshire, England. 

It's uncanny how this British musician can deliver an authentically American country experience. In a way, it is sort of reminiscent of the British Blues Boom of the early sixties where young British boys would play the most fundamentally genuine form of the idiom despite having an entirely different background. No matter your origins, religion, upbringing, your geographical location, your age... music finds a way to resonate.

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