Saturday, September 9, 2023

AC/DC announce new drummer

It seems like there's always some drama coming out of the AC/DC camp... in 2016, Brian Johnson was out... Then he was back in. Cliff Williams retired... But he's apparently confirmed for the band's return to the stage in California next month. And of course, the drummer's chair has always been the most precarious position: after his well-documented legal troubles following the recording of the Rock Or Bust album, long-time drummer Phil Rudd was ousted and was replaced on the tour by a returning Chris Slade. And even though Rudd recorded 2020's Power Up, he seems to have been replaced for the band's appearance at the Power Trip festival, according to AC/DC's social media... Check it out at the link below.

Matt Laug is a very sought-after session drummer who has played with everyone from Slash's Snakepit to Alice Cooper, Richard Marx and even playing on Alan's Morrissette's blockbuster record Jagged Little Pill... You can check out his credits on his website by clicking HERE.

But regardless of who is on the drummer's stool, the return of the mighty AC/DC to the live stage is one of the biggest events in hard rock in the past few years... And if the little snippet shared above is to be believed, they sound pretty fucking good! So... Power up!


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