Saturday, July 15, 2023

2022-2023 Concert Season Recap

Things are going to be slowing down for us as the summer unfolds and there probably won't be any new entries until September, unless there are some major music news... Or a last minute concert, which can always happen. But in all likelihood, this is it for the next couple of months. We plan on going to the beach, sipping a few cocktails and grilling some freshly caught fish. Y'know... vacation. 

Friday, July 14, 2023

Check out Demi Lovato's rock version of her song Sorry Not Sorry featuring Slash on guitar!

Slash is everywhere these days, and we're not complaining! He is currently touring the world with Guns N' Roses, preparing a new album and tour cycle with his solo band The Conspirators feat. Myles Kennedy, appearing on the Barbie movie soundtrack... And today he is featured on the new rock version of Demi Lovato's Sorry Not Sorry. You can check out the lyric video in the YouTube player below, or add it to your Apple Music library in the embedded Apple Music player at the bottom of this post.

Steve Hackett to release "Foxtrot At Fifty" live album and concert film

Steve Hackett has been celebrating the Genesis catalog with his exceptional band Genesis Revisted for over ten years, and for the better part of 2022 and 2023 they have been playing Foxtrot in its entirety, as well as other compositions from the band and virtuoso guitarist's solo career. We were lucky to catch the show a few months ago and it was absolutely superb. And now, everyone will be able to experience the wonder of those performances with the September 15th release of "Foxtrot At Fifty + Hackett Highlights: Live In Brighton".

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Guns N' Roses @ La Défense Arena, Nanterre - July 13th, 2023

It's crazy to think that the current incarnation of Guns N' Roses, the last true American rock n' roll band, has been active for seven years now. For the better part of a decade, this iteration of the band, which is comprised of three classic members (four if you count Dizzy), a few member from the Nu-Guns era and even a brand new (at the time) musician, has been touring the world, playing three hour shows and delivering one of the best rock n' roll experiences for huge crowds all around the globe. Not only that, they've been doing so in a punctual, drama-free and, dare I say it, professional manner that they hadn't previously accustomed us to. Whatever issues or politics which usually mar working rock n' roll bands have largely been dealt with behind the scenes, and it's a welcome respite for fans of the band. Now, the only thing to talk about when discussing this band is the music, which is how it should be. And speaking of music, we've also been treated to new songs in the past couple of years. Granted, they were re-worked rejects from the Chinese Democracy sessions, but any bone they throw at their fans is better than nothing.

Generation Sex @ La Défense Arena, Nanterre - July 13th, 2023


In theory, this punk-rock supergroup should have been the perfect opener for this Guns N' Roses show. It has everything to deliver a top-notch performance: one of the world's most famous frontmen in the person of Billy Idol, the greatest purveyor of punk-rock riffs to ever have picked up a Les Paul in the person of the great Steve Jones, and a badass rhythm section comprised of bassist Tony James and drummer Paul Cook: something of a dream line-up for everyone with even a passing appreciation of '77 British Punk. And, of course, a catalog of absolute classics from their legendary bands Generation X and Sex Pistols.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Judas Priest to to take Ozzy's slot at Power Trip festival

It was revealed today that Metal Gods Judas Priest would be replacing an ailing Ozzy on the bill of Power Trip festival, due to be held next October in Indio, California. Check out Priest's announcement in the embedded tweet below.

Popa Chubby to release new live album

Blooze-rock heavyweight Popa Chubby has already released numerous live albums (our favorite being 1996's Hit The High Hard One), but the stage is where he really shines. The power, the grit, the sweat... It's all there on the upcoming Live At G. Bluey's Juke Joint, NYC, recorded on two dates in October 2022 with his backing band: Mike Merritt on bass, Mike DiMeo on keys and Stefano Giudici on drums.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Check out Slash's contribution to the Barbie movie soundtrack here

This "power ballad" is sung by Ryan Gosling in the upcoming Barbie movie, and we wouldn't be covering this if it didn't feature one of our very favorite musicians... That's right, the guitar solo (and the only redeemable part of the song as far as we're concerned) is performed by none other than the legendary Slash. Check out the video in the embedded YouTube player below.

Speaking of Slash, we'll be seeing him perform with Guns N' Roses in Paris in three days... Click HERE to get tickets.

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Ozzy pulls out of Power Trip

Hardly surprising... But disappointing nonetheless. My prediction (and I base this on absolutely nothing) is that we'll never see Ozzy on a stage again. At least not for a full headlining set...

Any guesses as to who will replace him? I would think either Judas Priest or Pantera...

Check out Sharon Ozzy's statement in the embedded tweet below.

Depeche Mode announces new tour

It seems like it's been DM's M.O. for the past few decades, and the Memento Mori cycle is no exception: new album, stadium tout in spring/summer, then arena tour in the winter. The band has just announced its new tour dates, including two nights at the Accor Arena in Paris in March. The tickets will be made available on July 12th at 10 am local time at the link below.