Saturday, May 27, 2023

Pre-save Foo Fighters' new record But Here We Are here

Taylor Hawkins died a little over a year ago, and when the tragedy happened some commenters speculated that Foo Fighters would, at the very least, be taking a very long sabbatical. Then band leader Dave Grohl's mother passed away the following August, and many seemed to think that this would signify the end of the beloved band.

But then last September the Foos returned to pay tribute to their late drummer with two star-studded concerts in London and Los Angeles, and it was evident that there still fire in the engine, as confirmed by the imminent release of their eleventh LP. Considering everything that happened, fifteen months is a very short time for a band to lick its wounds, yet the three songs they've already shared are as good as anything they've released in the past. The band hasn't replaced Hawkins on the album: Dave Grohl played the drums in the studio. Live, drums are now handled by Josh Freese, who has played with pretty much everyone.

Obviously, death and loss inform much of the new album thematically, and there is a darkness to the songs we've heard which is reminiscent of feeling behind the songs Grohl released as he was emerging from the trauma of the end of Nirvana.

The new album But Here We Are will be released on June 2nd, and you can pre-save it in your Apple Music library HERE or stream it in the Apple Music player embedded below.

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