Saturday, April 1, 2023

The Smiths reunite for world tour (and maybe new music, too!)

In the unlikeliest twist in rock music, the reunion we thought would never happen was just announced at a surprise press conference last night when Morrissey and Johnny Marr appeared together for the first time in decades to announce a new tour by legendary band The Smiths. LiveNation who was responsible for negotiating previous successful reunion tours by Guns N' Roses and the Black Crowes, will be producing the 35-city tour in 2024 and 2025. The pair also haven't ruled out releasing new music, which they say they've already been working on and could take the form of an EP or several singles. Unfortunately, Morrissey and Marr are the only ones returning to the fold as Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce will be replaced by Andy Bell (Ride, Oasis) and Alan "Reni" Wren (Stone Roses) on bass and drums respectively.
During last night's press conference, held at the prestigious Hyatt Grand in Los Angeles, Marr and Morrissey have described their relationship as "perfectly cordial" and have said that while their political views are no longer aligned, they are more than happy to agree to disagree in order to write a new chapter in the band's history and give their fans, many of whom weren't even born when the band broke up, the best live experience they can deliver.

Tickets for the first US leg of the tour will go on sale at 10AM Pacific Time on April 5th at the link below.


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