Monday, April 10, 2023

The Last Internationale @ Trabendo, Paris - April 10th, 2023

If you've been going to concerts in the last decade, no doubt you've already seen The Last Internationale somewhere. They've been opening for acts like The Who, KISS and played every major European festival.

On record, their socially conscious blend of hard rock and soul sounds like an unlikely collision between The Stooges and Bruce Springsteen but the stage is where they truly shine. Delila Paz is a mesmerizing frontwoman with a voice that can go from a delicate, breezy whisper to a banshee-like scream, often within the same song, throwing herself into the crowd Guitarist Edge Pires channels both Jimmy Page and Tom Morello with his chunky riffs and soaring solos.

The crowd went apeshit from the first note to the very last, even investing the stage during the last number Hit 'em With Your Blues, one of the many highlights along with older singles Soul On Fire and Wanted Man and the jam with local rock rising star Laura Cox who lent her guitar and vocal talents on Edith Groove.

An excellent show by a band destined to become a classic of the new rock scene.

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