Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Exhorder @ Trabendo, Paris - April 26th, 2023


Second on this old-school Thrash Metal bill is the legendary Exhorder, hailing from New Orleans and representing the groovier side of the scene. Like the other bands on the marquee, they are down one member, but they have opted to not replace him. Thankfully the other three make enough racket to compensate for the absence bassist Jason Viebrooks.

Touring guitarist Waldemar Sorychta is also playing with a cast on his leg, and has to be seated on a barstool for much of the set, which only leaves vocalist/guitarist Kyle Thomas as a focal point on stage. Musically, the band is killer, at once tight and supple, injecting these heavy riffs with some swampy moist Southern grooves.

The bulk of the set was culled from their classic LP Slaughter In The Vatican, with Legions Of Death, Desecrator and Exhorder driving the audience batshit crazy. I'm not sure when the last time Exhorder played Paris, but it was probably over thirty years ago so this was long overdue.

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