Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Pixies @ Olympia, Paris - March 15th, 2023

The Pixies are touring Europe in support of their latest album Doggerel which came out last fall. Some bands like to play a lot of songs from the album they're touring behind. Some bands prefer playing mostly classics. Some like to dig deep and play a lot of album tracks, as they're called. More obscure, less obvious stuff. And then the Pixies play it all: most of the new record, all of the classics like Cactus, Where Is My Mind, Nimrod's Son, Here Comes Your Man and a whole bunch of random tracks from every record they've made, so what you end up with is a sprawling two-hour thirty-six song set that is unfuckwithable from any angle.

A whole section is carved out for the new album which they play almost in full, and that's when you realize that it's an absolutely classic Pixies album: next to their older, more familiar songs, the new numbers are just as good. The only reason they're not as revered is that they didn't come out during the audience members' teenage years... But time will do its thing, and the next generations will come to consider them as essential as their early counterparts.

This is the first of two concerts in the hallowed halls of the Olympia, where the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix among others made their French debuts. The second one will be streamed live so the rest of the world can see what we saw last night: a legendary band playing their legendary songs with the same energy, the same urgency and the same sense of fun as they did thirty some years ago.

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