Friday, March 3, 2023

The Damned @ Cabaret Sauvage, Paris - March 3rd, 2023

The Damned kicked off their tour in support of their forthcoming album Darkadelic, due out on April 28th, in the French capital in front of a rabid crowd of old punks, young goths and drunken English expats, which is the best crowd you can hope for if you think about it.

This wasn't a continuation of last year's original line-up reunion: this was a show by the current, living, breathing band featuring Dave Vanian on vocals, Captain Sensible on guitar, Paul Gray on bass, Will Taylor on drums and the hilariously-named Monty Oxymoron on keyboards.

The French audience were the lucky first to hear numerous songs from the upcoming record, and judging from those excerpts it's going to be a good one, with Girl I'll Stop At Nothing being the standout for this reviewer.

This is only the first show of the tour and already the band is firing on all cylinders. and having a blast playing these songs. Sensible's goofy persona is the perfect foil to Vanian's ghoulish crooner act. They even obliged when the audience started chanting Captain Sensible's solo song "Wot?" and started playing an impromptu version of the novelty hit.

They also played a slew of classic songs like Love Song, Neat Neat Neat, their cover of Eloise and ended the show with their signature song New Rose, which spearheaded the whole British punk movement of the late seventies, to the delight of the loons on the audience that, like the loons on the stage, were having a Damned good time.

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