Friday, March 17, 2023

That version of War Pigs by T-Pain is actually really, really good. Like, REALLY good.

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If you're like me and unfamiliar with current hip-hop (and by current, I mean anything released in the last 25 years) then maybe you don't know who T-Pain is. I only know him from his guest spot on Flo Rida's Low (which is quite the jam, by the way). After reading a few negative comments online about his version of the Black Sabbath classic War Pigs, Decided to check it out. It's one of the most iconic (here's that fucking word again!) song of the genre, so I was intrigued by the proposition of a rapper, more famous for his use of auto-tune, covering the song.

Simply put, it slaps. There's some great guitar on it, the arrangements are clever and not too different from the original, the organ gives it a great heavy, gothic touch and T-Pain's vocals are killer. I don't know how processed they are but it doesn't matter: this is one hell of a cover.

Check it out in the embedded player below or by clicking HERE.

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