Friday, March 17, 2023

Listen to the new Hollywood Vampires single here

The Hollywood Vampires have just released the first excerpt from their upcoming live album. It's a cover of the Spirit classic I Got A Line On You (off of the great album The Family That Plays Together, check it out if you don't already know it) and while they have moved on to releasing original material, this sort of song is where they truly shine: classic hard rock, given the Vampires edge. This is why they are known as the most expensive cover band.

If you've been living under a rock for the past decade, the Hollywood Vampires are Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, accompanied by longtime Cooper associates Tommy Henriksen and Glen Sobel. They are named after the drinking club Alice used to belong to in the seventies, which famously included such wonderful drunks as John Lennon, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson or Bernie Taupin.

Recorded at the Rock in Rio festival in 2015, the song and album are just the calling card for the upcoming Vampires tour to take place in the summer of 2023. Be there or be... dead.

Check out I Got A Line On You HERE or in the embedded player below.

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