Thursday, March 16, 2023

Listen to Def Leppard's new symphonic version of Animal here

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This has been a trend for several years now: major rock acts pairing up with symphony orchestras to produce a more bombastic version of their songs. It's not always positive alchemy: while Metallica's live albums with an orchestra have their moments, the KISS Symphony album is absolutely abysmal.

Of course, Procol Harum and Deep Purple had done it as early as the 1960's, but in their case it was a lot more organic. In more recent times, The Who have been touring the world playing with local symphonies, and we can't wait to catch them on their upcoming Paris date next June.

Now it's Def Leppard's turn to augment their rock sound with a symphonic edge. The first song off of their Drastic Symphonies album, which is dur for release in May, is a re-reading of their classic Animal which you can listen in the embedded player below or by clicking HERE. What are your thoughts on this new version? Does the orchestra really bring anything to that song? Does it fit the spirit of the band?

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