Tuesday, January 24, 2023

MonoNeon @ Badaboum, Paris - January 24th, 2023

Finally, our first gig of 2023 and what better way to break in the new year than with a shot of Funk. We'd already seen low-end manipulator MonoNeon last September as part of the Scary Goldings backing band, and while he was a great asset to the group, he didn't get the chance to shine as much as we (and maybe he) would've liked. But this is his own show, where he can display his zany personality and, more importantly, his absolute command of the bass guitar. Incredibly, MonoNeon is right handed but uses a left handed technique to play an upside down bass... This is probably that's where his unusual phasing comes from.

The band, comprised of two guitarists, a keyboardist and a drummer, is absolutely killer. The groove is tight and relentless and the songs are catchy. The whole thing feels like Bootsy's Rubber Band got somehow tele-transported into the 35th century. But if you only know MonoNeon from his funny YouTube videos, perhaps the biggest surprise is his voice. He's no Caruso, but that cat can sing!

The club was absolutely packed with an incredibly diverse audience: young hipsters and old funkateers, all partying and getting down on the Funk, dancing, drinking and singing this universal truth: Life is a Glittery Fuckery.

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