Friday, January 13, 2023

Friday's Playlist: R.I.P.J.B.

Earlier this week, the music world got the sad news that the legendary Jeff Beck had died... So in his honor, we have compiled a mammoth playlist. It's over 11 hours long and is mostly chronological, from the Yardbirds to his latest album with Johnny Depp. The playlist also features his numerous sessions for other players.
Some of the more prehistoric recordings, like his singles with his early band The Tridents, have been omitted. But apart from that, it's all here sSo get ready to immerse yourself in an incredible body of work that runs the gamut from early rock n' roll, blues, hard rock, porto-metal, jazz fusion, electronica, trip-hop, soul, new age... The man could do it all and did it all his way. Through it all, he retained his sound and his personality.

R.I.P. Jeff.

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