Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Sylvaine @ Nouveau Casino, Paris - March 2nd, 2022

After a rather prolific autumn, things had quieted down on the live music front due to a rebound in COVID numbers. Many international tours got postposed, some for the third or fourth time, and some were even outright cancelled. Aerosmith, for example, was unfortunately in that second category. But three months into the new year, as the pandemic finally seems to be winding down somewhat in our neck of the woods, we are finally back in a concert hall to attend our first gig of 2022.
Kathryn Sheperd is a young multi-instrumentalist who performs under the stage name Sylvaine. Her music fuses aspects of Melodic Black Metal with Shoe Gazing, an intriguing, if not exactly uplifting, musical recipe that embarks the listener on a dark, emotional journey between grace and brutality, light and shade, melody and cacophony. Last night she played the Nouveau Casino to introduce the Paris audience to her upcoming record NOVA which is scheduled for release on March 4th.

It was little weird to be attending a maskless event after two years, but it felt very liberating. Having a drink at the bar while a band made some noise on stage, watching other concert goers headbang to the music... it all felt normal. It felt right. Hopefully this is the beginning of a return to real life.

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