Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Keep on Rockin' in a COVID-free World

If forced to chose between loudmouth "comic" Joe Rogan or music legend Neil Young, I'll chose the old hippie every fucking time. But the beauty of it is you DON'T have to chose. We all know the main reason Neil Young is leaving Spotify is because it's a shitty service that doesn't pay the artists squat. The Rogan thing was just the last drop in an ocean of suck.

The reason I dislike Rogan's podcast is not because he spreads disinformation: I was entirely unaware of that fact. I dislike Rogan's podcast because I find his interviews tedious. He seems like a guy who likes to hear himself talk, often times at the expense of his guests. He likes to shout, he rambles... Not particularly informative to listen to someone high on drugs blather on for hours about things only they find funny or interesting. Ever spent time with a stoner while completely sober? It's about as excruciating as it gets.

But his drug use is also not the problem here. Neil Young is in all likelihood an even bigger stoner that Rogan. But Neil Young makes music, not commentary.

I hear voices on all sides of the political spectrum screaming that people are trying to "cancel" Rogan. How so? Young has said he didn't wish to be on the same platform as someone who spreads vaccine disinformation, so he has removed HIMSELF from that platform. Rogan is still here, untouched, free to collect his multi-million dollar checks while spouting nonsense. How is that a cancellation?

Spotify and Rogan have a huge contract. There was no way he was ever going to get dropped without them paying through the nose. Young knew that. And it's no skin off his ass: Spotify famously pays artists the least of all major streaming platforms. About $0.003 per stream... So it takes an artist 10 million streams to make $30K...  Chump change for Neil Young, who can easily dispense with that puny revenue. So he decided to take a stand.

Most reasonable people have grown frustrated with the anti-vaccination nonsense of the minority of kooks that is keeping the world hostage to the pandemic. These dunces have deluded themselves into thinking they are fighting for freedom, when in fact they are making sure freedom gets eroded a little more every day by refusing to help eradicate the COVID virus. People like Neil Young are especially frustrated because they remember life before the polio vaccine: Young, as well as his friend Joni Mitchell, who also decided to take her music off of Spotify, have both spent lengthy stays in various hospitals because of polio.

At this point, it's all pointless. No one's mind is getting changed. Covidiots will continue to flock to the likes of Rogan because it comforts their misinformed worldview. So why bother, Neil? Well, again, he can afford it. Good for him for taking a stand.

I've never used Spotify. I prefer to use Apple Music. Not that they're any more virtuous, mind you. I'm pretty sure you could find some questionable podcasts on there as well. And the rates they pay the artists is only marginally higher. So I don't get that precious sense of moral superiority from using Apple instead of Spotify, and that's a shame because I like feeling good about myself while making minimal efforts. Like that time I convinced myself it was better to dump a bucket of ice over my head than give actual time or money to help fight a disease I'd never heard of and have forgotten all about since.

So I'm also boycotting Spotify, and it's one of those boycotts I like best: one that doesn't inconvenience me in the least. I still enjoy watching Chinatown even though Polanski is a child rapist, I still fly even though it's environmentally irresponsible and I still use iPhones even though they are made with child labor, but on this occasion I don't mind doing the right thing.

Cynicism aside, I wish it didn't have to come to this. How is it that some people would still rather listen to a comedian, or any celebrity really, when it comes to matters of public health and safety?

In conclusion, fuck Spotify and come check out our Apple Music playlists HERE! Some of them may even include Neil Young.

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