Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday's Playlist: Unsung Guitar Heroes

Happy Friday! 

Are you in the mood for some tasty guitar? Good. For some unfair reason, these cats are not considered royalty. They're not the Claptons, the Becks, the Hendrix, the Pages of rock n'roll. They're not the Charlie Christians, the Wes Montgomerys, the John McLaughlins, the Pat Methenys of jazz. They're not the BB Kings, the Stevie Ray Vaughans, the Guitar Slims of blues.

No, these guys are the underdogs. The proletariat. They're not all unknown, mind you. But they're under-appreciated for sure. Why? Who knows? Bad luck perhaps. Bad choices sometimes too. The old rock n'roll story. For a lot of these axe-grinders, the road ended too soon. But not all of them though: some can still be seen playing the circuit like the rock soldiers they were born to be. The survivors are lifers: if they play like they mean it, it's because they do. Give it up for the electric guitar.

Enjoy, comment, share.

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