Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday's Playlist: Awesome Bass Solos (pt. 2)

Happy Friday! Almost five months ago we debuted the new Awesome Bass Solos series in our Friday playlists, and finally here is the second episode that is all about that low end.

Right off the bat, a little caveat: these are not necessarily solos exactly. Sometimes it's just a fill, sometimes it's a chorus, sometimes it's an intro, sometimes an interlude. It just means a certain section of the song prominently features the electric bass. So don't get on my case over semantics, ok?

As usual, some real classics on this one (that bass riff on Fleetwood Mac's the Chain!) next to some less obvious choices (that atmospheric bass onTool's recent Invincible, obviously indebted to Peter Hook). Some real treats like Jimi playing the bass on 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) or Muzz Skillings funky motifs on Living Colour's Broken Hearts.

So turn up the bass on your stereo and get those subwoofers to work. Which songs would you include for future installments of the series?

Enjoy, comment and share!

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