Friday, May 7, 2021

Greatest Hits Live (2011-2020)

Life seems to be returning to normal in some parts of the world. Well, maybe normal isn't the right word. But... things seem to open up again in some places. Even here, some restrictions are being lifted although the virus is still circulating at an alarming rate. Of course, other countries like India, Nepal, Brazil and more are getting pummeled and it's hard to envision a time when we return to life as we knew it.

Some of the events were going to attend have been rescheduled twice, and the conditions under which they will take place remain to be clarified. Club shows, arena shows... how are they going to enforce sanitary protocols? Will they be able to fill up at capacity? Will the vaccine pass be mandatory? Will we have to wear masks? Will there be beer? WILL THERE BE BEER?

All those important questions notwithstanding, it seems concerts are coming back in one shape or other around the summer. Will it be viable for artists to undertake long international tours if there is a gauge limitation is another question that remains unanswered, but there is a flicker of hope. I for one can't wait to attend a gig again. It's been over a year since I went to my last one. But although I'm already partially vaccinated I don't know how comfortable I'll be standing in the middle of sweaty screaming punters bumping into me, screaming next to me, drinking next to me... But it's been so long, I'm sure all my apprehensions will disappear as soon as the venue goes dark and the band comes on stage.

Until then, you can always revisit the below gallery of our favorite concert shots. Lots of legends in there, and some less famous ones too. Click on the links below to access the full galleries, often complete with review of the show. 

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