Monday, October 26, 2020

Friday's Monday's Playlist: Bootsy Collins: Sessions & Contributions

Today is Bootsy Collins' 69th birthday (he he, 69) so in his honour we're scrambling our schedule and are presenting Friday's Playlist on (GASP!) a Monday. This is the type of lunacy we're capable of. Watch out, we're funkin' crazy.

This Playlist explores some of Bootsy's sessions and contributions outside of his main gigs in Parliament, Funkadelic, the Rubber Band or his solo output. This is in no way an exhaustive list but rather an overview of the breadth of his talents.

Right off the bat, a few notes: there are songs that we absolutely love that we couldn't include as they aren't on Apple Music France, which is the service we use to curate these playlists. So do yourselves a favour and track down a record called Third Eye Open by a band called Hardware, comprised of Stevie Salas, Buddy Miles and Bootsy. If Jimi had been alive in the nineties he would have cut a record just like that. In particular, the song What's Goin' Down which we would have featured on here had we been able to...
Also, check out Praxis' Trasmutation (Mutatis Mutandis). The single Animal Behavior would have made a great addition to the playlist. Alas...

Still, there is enough meat in here to satiate all your funky needs, from Bootsy's seminal debut with Jaaaaaaaaaaames Brown to some current hip-hop artists. Not all of these songs feature his awesome, influential bass playing, however. Some are just songs that he produced, and some just use his instantly recognisable Jimi Hendrix cartoon voice.

All hail Bootzilla, Casper, Blaster of the Universe and remember: everything is on The One. Enjoy, comment and share!

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