Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday's Playlist - Mixing Desk Hero: Bob Ezrin

Over a month ago we shared a playlist focusing on then-recently departed producer Martin Birch and it was a big success, so here's the second instalment in our Friday's Playlists Mixing Desk Hero series. This one focuses on the legendary Bob Ezrin.

Of course, the man is most associated with Alice Cooper, and his most famous production is probably Pink Floyd's The Wall. But his collaboration with KISS is also noteworthy.

The man has a very cinematic style and a lot of the songs featured here highlight the drama he brings to the recordings. But he's also capable of producing simple, straight-ahead rock and roll.

It was hard to feature only one song by Alice Cooper seeing how long their collaboration has lasted, but that's the rule we imposed on ourselves.

Enjoy, comment and share!

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