Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Tenacious D @ Zénith, Paris - February 26th, 2020

Lock up your daughters, your sisters and your grandmas too. Put you best party hat on, and get ready to rock out with your sock out, because tonight the D is in town. Tenacious D... the legendary, mythical, mystical, best, most rockingest band on the planet... and beyond. They've come to Paris to plunder, pillage and conquer. They've come to shred guitars and melt faces, in that order. If you're not down with the D, you might as well be listening to Hall & Oates.

As expected, the show was an absolute riot. The first part consisted of the band playing behind a scrim their movie Post-Apocalypto was being projected on. While I was afraid it might get a little tedious, it ended up working very well thanks to a very animated (pun totally intended) performance by Jack Black and Kyle Gass and a seamless interaction between the on-screen action and the on-stage shenananananigans.

Unsurprisingly, the second half of the show fared even better. The Paris crowd (about 4000 people perhaps) that had amassed in at the Zénith was ripe and ready to hear some classic D, and that is what they got: Kickapoo, Dude I Fucking Miss You, Tribute and the obligatory set closer Fuck Her Gently were met with unwavering fervour by the fanatic masses who sang every word and even started mosh pits here and there. Because even though their format is mostly acoustic, the D is fucking Metal!

Through it all they managed to find the perfect balance between comedy and music. Jables and Kage's rotund figures may not look like typical rock star material, but don't let their appearance fool you: even amidst all the skits and routines, even with the storylines, the videos and the props, there is one thing only that matters. One thing that they take seriously. One thing they do not fuck with. One thing they respect, above all else and one thing they do better than anything: ROCK.

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