Saturday, June 1, 2019

Album Review: Pinky Pinky - Turkey Dinner

Pinky Pinky hails from California and that informs everything on their debut LP, from the vibes of the compositions to the sunny production by Jonny Bell and Hanni El Khatib. They are three young women and because of that fact it would be tempting to compare them to Haim, and while that's a valid equivalence Pinky Pinky sounds a lot zanier. In fact, their songs are very reminiscent of another Angelino musician who happens to have a similar sounding name: Ariel PinkThey possess the same melodic instinct and their arrangements also sometimes verge on psychedelia.

But you can also hear hints of Weezer (My Friend Sean) or Kimono My House-era Sparks (Floorboards). Mostly they end up sounding like themselves, which is quite an accomplishment for such a young band.

Highlights for this reviewer are All The Birds and its driving rhythm and Sticking Around, a beautiful semi-ballad with a poignant melody, but there isn't a bad tune on the record: check out the country-infused Applecheeks, the exotic vibe of (Do Me Dirty) Charlie, Mystery Sedan with its start/stop Orange County punk backing track, 80's synth riffs and ooo ooo ooos... If It Didn't Hurt, a song so lascivious I'm still blushing. And album closer Loose Change, a surprisingly straightforward boogie rock, complete with horns and stride piano...

Turkey Dinner is fresh, fun, light and bubbly but never veers into novelty. It's about teenage obsessions like boys, cars and making loud music with your friends... It's about everything young and fun. It's about everything we like about rock and roll.

Genre: Pop Rock
Release Date: June 14th, 2019
Label: Innovative Leisure Records
Rating: 7/10

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