Monday, May 27, 2019

Jonny Lang @ la Cigale, Paris - May 26th, 2019

After Walter Trout's killer set, it was going to be an uphill battle for Jonny Lang: how would he top what just happened? The truth is he didn't. How could anyone? The good news is that the headliner's brand of soulful Blues-rock was every bit as good as the act that preceded him.

The former child prodigy played a great, energetic set that was the perfect capper for a great night of blues guitar. The highlight was probably an impassioned version of Lie To Me which started as a soft acoustic ballad then gained momentum and ended in an intense electric solo.

But as his set ended, the real treat of the night was about to begin: the three guitarists joined forces in an epic jam which culminated in a frantic version of Freddy King's Going Down which reminded us that while these three musicians are (or were at one time) the future of the Blues, the genre is all about honoring tradition. The generations represented on that stage and in the audience last night are a testament to that.

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