Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday's Playlist: Children of Sabbath

This Friday's playlist was inspired by the Saint Vitus concert we attended last week, a beer-fuelled heavy blinder of a gig that rekindled our love for everything Doom.

Fifty years since its inception, Heavy Metal has gone in a myriad of directions. Some bands play fast. Some bands play melodic. Some bands are experimental. The bands in this playlist have kept it close to the original formula designed by Black Sabbath all these years ago: heavy and slow, with lyrics about doom, drugs, religion and mental illness.

Represented below is a whole sub-genre of artists that decided to not only stick to but also refine that sound. Some toy with it a little and introduce new instruments, like Blood Ceremony. Some emphasise the satanic aspect of it, albeit with their tongue in their cheek, like Ghost. Some take the conceit to its absolute extreme, like Electric Wizard. All of them carry the torch of the original spirit of Heavy Metal now that its originators have called it a day. Best enjoyed loud with a few party favours that might still be illegal where you live.

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