Thursday, April 18, 2019

Album Review: Trixie Whitley - Lacuna

Lacuna is Trixie Whitley's third record. Her debut album Fourth Corner was and remains one of my favorite records of the last decade and I was expecting, hoping that this new LP would be more of the same: a dark, sweeping piece of lynchian modern soul. Lacuna is all that and more: she goes even further into modernism and the production has traces of hip-hop, Rn'B and electronica.

Her songwriting still has that familiar feel, it's just the presentation that has changed somewhat. And of course, her voice is still unique: dramatic, intimate, commanding... Comparisons with her late father are less relevant than ever: he path is distinctly her own. However they do share a gothic approach to the source material they draw from: folk, blues or soul.

Between the beat boxes, special effects, digital scapes and processed guitars, some more organic instrumentation pops out like a free-form saxophone on Dandy, the pretty guitar arpeggios on time or the acoustic accompaniment of Fishing For Stars... This is the sort of album Jeff Buckley would be making if he were alive today. It's a baroque blend of classic and modern, popular and avant-garde, traditional and progressive that amounts to something new and unique, something timeless.

Genre: Rock/Soul
Release Date: March 29th, 2019
Label: Unday Records
Rating: 8/10

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