Saturday, April 13, 2019

Grand Opening @ Alabama Bar, Paris - April 12th, 2019

Mikkey Dee spent a quarter of a century drumming for one of the most famous (and infamous) heavy rock bands of all time: Motörhead. He is now the drummer for another legendary band: Scorpions. Before that, the Swedish musician played with Danish black metal originator King Diamond as well as Don Dokken.

Tonight he is in Paris for the opening of a new bar called Alabama. It is unclear if he has stakes in the joint or if he's simply licensing his name and image but he was here all night, signing away, taking pictures and having drinks with all the rabid rock fans that came to the opening. The turnout was so high it became a ticketed event!

As a bar, Alabama is nothing fancy. It's just a small hole in the wall with a good drink selection and a juke-box full of great music. What else do you need?

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