Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday's Playlist: Fusion Hits

Here's another long one for ya: this playlist compiles some of the best, most famous tunes from a genre that is considered an abomination by many jazz fans, and by many rock fans.

But people with taste know that Jazz Fusion (or Jazz-Rock, or whatever you want to call it) was a new language developed and birthed by Miles Davis, and when has Miles Davis ever done anything that wasn't cool? When he released Doo-Bop you say? You got a point, smart ass.

But the numbers on that Playlist are just awesome. Consider the talent, if you please: Jeff Beck, Larry Coryell, John McLaughlin, Jaco Pastorius, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea...

If you're an irredeemable headbanger and can't appreciate subtlety, then this clearly won't change your mind. If you're a punk and are allergic to virtuosity, best to scroll away. And if you're so into pop that anything longer than 2 minutes and thirty second scares you and you can't imagine anything without a singalong chorus can have any value, then please move along.

For everyone else, enjoy these killer tunes.

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