Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday's Playlist: Bawdy, Ribald Songs

This playlist compiles some of my favorite naughty tunes ripe with ribald double entendres, bawdy metaphors or just straight-up dirty talk.
I tried to make it as diverse as possible. I could have fit the complete AC/DC catalogue in there, or Prince's entire output. I could have stuck to old, dirty blues songs, and there are certainly some in there, or I could have filled the playlist with lascivious soul or horny funk but I thought it best to give it a little variety: there's quite a bit of Rn'B in there, as well as some metal, pop, blues...

I also tried to avoid explicit, overtly sexual songs to a degree (then again I couldn't resist putting Lick It Up by Kiss in there, so much for subtlety...) so if you were hoping to hear 2 Live Crew, it'll have to wait.

Enjoy, and let me know what songs you would have put in!

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