Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Album Review: Backyard Babies - Sliver And Gold

Swedish Sleaze/Punk veterans Backyard Babies return with a banger of a new record which sounds like a mix between KISS and the New York Dolls with a little Social Distortion thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, that’s a good thing.

The album is full of what we’ve come to expect and love about Dregen and co.: the hooks are aggressive yet melodic, the gang vocals give the choruses an anthem feel and of course the guitars are awesome: cool motifs, catchy riffs, killer solos and plenty of pick slides because fuck you, that’s why.

The production is great: guitars are very clear and the voice is clean and upfront, the whole thing is compact and immediate, immediate and mostly pedal to the metal uptempo rock. There are a few dynamics to keep the listeners on their toes: Ragged Flag is built on a Bo Diddley beat and the percussions give it a cool tribal vibe. Yes To All No starts like a ballad before veering into Social Distortion territory. The last song Laugh Now Cry Later however is a real ballad with clean guitars, a piano and even boasts what sounds like an accordion. It’s a song Paul Westerberg could have written and ends the record on a melancholy yet epic vibe

The album smells of beer, tattoos, motorcycles and a few other things that we can’t mention. Essentially, this is your soundtrack to a great night out which you definitely will not remember tomorrow. No choice but to play it again, then.

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