Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Guns N' Roses @ Stade Atlantique, Bordeaux - June 26th, 2018

At this point, you've all either seen the tour or read the reviews, so why the need for another? Well, because I fucking want to, that's why.

I had purposely chosen a hotel near the stadium so I wouldn't have to schlep all the way back into town after the show. The neighborhood might not be much to write home about, but at least it's convenient. And the cherry on top was that I could hear the guys rehearse as I was taking a dip in the hotel pool. They played a bunch of songs including It's So Easy, Estranged, Attitude, Civil War  and Madagascar, which they wouldn't play at the gig later.

As the evening came I started to make my way toward the stadium. First came the Rival Sons. I used to like these guys, but I've seen them way too much by now. Also their hipster facial hair annoys me. And the singer is clearly going for a Jim Morrison kind of vibe, but he just ends up looking like Zack Galifuckknowshisname has let himself go.

Right on time as usual (!) GN'R hit the stage after their cheesy video intro and it's on for three and a half hours. This is my fourth show since the reunion and they can do away with the "dead people" tribute songs. Or change them up a bit, at least. Shit, I would have liked to see them tackle Pantera! Now that could've been cool.

But really, it was awesome. I'm just stoked the three main guys are playing together again. DJ Asshat played the parts perfectly but it just isn't the same.

I had given up on Guns N' Roses after the Hall of Fame debacle. Something about Axl's shitty letter left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't usually care about band politics and I certainly don't take sides, because who gives a shit... But something about that whole fiasco really soured me on Guns. I had tickets to an Axl n' Roses gig a few months after that which I went to (and enjoyed) but I had basically sworn off the band after that.

Until of course they announced the reunion, and I was all over that shit. I went to see them in San Diego on the last concert of the first leg and then one year later in Paris.

And I saw them last week at the Download Paris festival and now last night in Bordeaux, my birthplace. 

So I have now seen Guns with Slash and Duff more times than I have seen Guns without Slash and Duff, and all is right in the world and if I never see them again I'll be ok with that!

There really was very little difference with the show I saw last week. They added Patience and that's about it. Axl's wig/plugs/extensions whatever look sillier than ever. Duff's transformation into David Bowie's twin sister is almost complete. Slash's hat doesn't fall when he does a handstand, which means it's either stapled on or is actually part of his head. Richard Fortus looks like a healthier Ron Wood. Dizzy Reed is a non-entity. Frank Ferrer still fucks shit up every once in a while and Melissa Reese has blue hair, because Guns N' Roses is now a band with a chick with blue hair.

It was a great show, lots of pyros, cool videos, great songs, awesome performances by everyone (even Axl started out very strong, it was rougher near the end, but on Shadow of your Love he was impressive) and I hope I get to see them again. If not, as I said, I'm good. And if I do, I hope they change things up a bit.

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