Monday, July 3, 2017

Foo Fighters @ Accorhotels Arena, Paris - July 3rd, 2017

It's not often that a musician is a part of not one but two of of the most important bands of their generation. Dave Grohl has managed to do just that. He was able to step out of the shadow of Nirvana to carve out quite a career for his other project Foo Fighters.
Foo Fighters are probably the biggest rock band of the past twenty years, and for good reason. They make great albums full of songs that are the perfect blend of pop and punk, and their concerts are always fan-friendly marathon performances. And through all of his endeavours (producing albums, hosting TV shows, making movies...) Grohl has managed to stay a simple, accessible man whose enthusiasm, drive and love for music cannot be overstated.

Foo Fighters' new record Concrete and Gold is another pretext for a world tour and Dave's crowd pleasing heroics. They played a long set which spanned the band's entire career. Of course, the biggest crowd response was on classics like Best of You, Learn to Fly and Monkey Wrench but the enthusiasm never wavered.

Unfortunately Dave Grohl's voice is starting to show signs of wear and tear, and he would be wise to either change his technique or rest for a while after the tour is over. That didn't hinder the audience's enjoyment of the show in any way, but this might end up being problematic for the band.

Foo Fighters is now a classic rock band with a fan base spanning two generations. and their concerts are huge celebrations. In a few years they will be the elder statesmen of rock. If someone can pick up the mantle from the Stones, U2 or whoever else will be passing the torch in the next decade or so, it' them.

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