Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Songhoy Blues @ La Maroquinerie, Paris - June 14, 2017

The band everyone is buzzing about right now, Songhoy Blues hails from Mali but don't expect a Tinariwen soundalike. Their refer to their music as Desert Blues, and if there is a rustic element to their music it is also very reminiscent of the Talking Heads Remain In Light-era. Their upcoming record Résistance is produced by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's guitarist and features an appearance by Iggy Pop, so they have that authentic punk seal of approval.
I'm not very familiar with their material but they played a great set. If singer Aliou Touré is the star then guitarist Garba Touré is the soul of the band. His playing is bluesy and funky in all the right places but all in support of the songs, which are also great.

The band was formed in reaction to the religious totalitarian regime that has enslaved the region and their love of the forbidden rock music shines through even their most traditional compositions, like a bridge between worlds. Because music, entertainment, art and culture are hope. They are the Resistance.

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