Tuesday, June 20, 2017

King's X @ Le Forum, Vauréal - June 20th, 2017

The first time King's X played in Paris, they were opening for AC/DC in front of almost 18 000 people. Tonight they play a little club in East Bumfuck for about 300 punters. Their problem is that people don't know what to make of them: Christian Rock? Hair Metal? Stoner Rock? And what's with these Gospel-like harmonies? Perhaps King's X are too sophisticated to make it big.
Since they don't have an album to promote, they are just out there playing their classic songs to the audience who has braved a long public transport ride to see them. Opening with Groove Machine, we are treated to the best of their entire catalogue: Cigarettes, A Box, Black Flag, Looking For Love, Over My Head... No Pleiades, though but you can't please everyone. Doug Pinnick's voice is unique in hard rock, a genre that usually favours screams and bombast over warmth and emotion and Ty Tabor is one of the greatunsung guitar heroes of his generation.

A very cool, no-nonsense set from those underrated rock and roll lifers. Now, boys, any news on that new record?

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