Friday, June 13, 2014

Rolling Stones @ Stade de France, Saint Denis - June 13, 2014

A year and a half ago the Rolling Stones played the Trabendo for a lucky few 700 people. They are now back to play the Stade de France, which can hold almost a hundred and fifteen times more people. They are out promoting their umpteenth compilation album, which means we'll be getting mostly classics and hits. Very little new shit, which is good, but also very little deep cuts, which is less good.

Keith Richards' playing is sloppier each time I see him, I hope it doesn't devolve any further as this is getting pretty embarrassing. Thankfully Jagger is still the man. Ronnie is a very likeable presence but the real treat here is Mick Taylor who guested on an incendiary version of Midnight Rambler. And of course the always reliable Charlie. If Keith is the rock, then our man Watts is responsible for the roll. That inimitable swing.

These stadium shows sure are a drag to attend. You feel like cattle, the beer is overpriced and the view of the stage is minimal. But that's the price you have to pay to see the Rolling Stones. Sure, they're old. Sure, they're not the band they once were. And sure, they're more than likely in it for your money. But even then they remain the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band. Trademark.

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