Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wishbone Ash @ Divan du Monde, Paris - April 10, 2014

Road warriors Wishbone Ash are touring behind an excellent new record titled Blue Horizon, and they played a few excerpts last night but the bulk of the set was their performance of the classic live album Live Dates in its entirety and in sequence.

This was the absolute best possible setlist from the band. Muddy Manninen is now Andy Powell's guitar buddy and they harmonise together perfectly like  in the good old days of Ted Turner. No, not that Ted Turner obviously.

Highlights for me were those three tracks from Argus: Warrior, King Will Come and Time Was, that were played and sung beautifully as well as the guitar pyrotechnics of Lady Whiskey and Phoenix.

A great night of classic rock for guitar enthusiasts.


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